The lazy blogger – re-energized by two new books!

     Heaven for a writer could be defined as having deadlines for two books at once.  Also hell.  And that's what I have been doing for some time.  The books are very different. Cleans Up Nicely  is a novel revisiting the New York of the 70's - decadent, dirty, dangerous and also exploding with creativity along [...]

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Book Review: “The Red Book”

OK, call me snarky, but it seems there's a new category in fiction,which I'll call "high chick lit." "The Red Book" is crammed with cringingly overly self-satisfied characters. Basically, the plot is they can nevah get ovah their young Harvad-educated selves. So instead of the unblinkingly honest character probes by the undeniably well-educated author (Harvard-educated), [...]

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Blood on the teeth: every writer should have the stain

I'll never forget the wonderful series (BBC), "The Singing Detective" by the wonderful writer Dennis Potter, whose physical sufferings (psoriatic arthritis - unbearable pain and itchings) offered him, in his own words, a rebirth. He felt free to write whatever he wanted and he did! It was Potter who said (and meant it) that every [...]

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Just How Badly Does Addiction Affect American Women?

More than 200,000 American women died of substance abuse in 2009. That is more than four times the number to die of breast cancer! (Center for Health Statistics). Question: Why don't we know this? How can we help more women to recover from this deadly disease? Stay tuned.

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Regretful book review: Nica’s Dream

"Nica's Dream," a biography about the enigmatic and extremely interesting Rothschild heiress and tremendous jazz patroness, Baronness Pannonica de Koenigswalter, known as Nica, just came about. And it is a frustrating read on several counts. About ten years ago, I came close to taking on this project but decided against it. Why? The Rothschild family [...]

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Why winning a literary prize reminds me of high school

Don't get me wrong. I love "winning" stuff. I was one of those girls in high school who loved getting prizes for supposed academic prowess. Just as I had loved getting merit badges in my Scouts years. So when I just heard I'd won a literary prize for my novel "Gringa in a Strange Land" [...]

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Why endless snow is good for writers

Because...there's nothing else to do but write. So I am tackling Draft No. 3 of the new book, "Cleans Up Nicely." It's a sequel to "Gringa in a Strange Land," moving from the Mexico of the early 70's to dirty, dangerous and wildly creative New York. Our heroine lands on the isle of Manhattan with [...]

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Gringa in New York: post-hippy time

I am never happier than when I am in the middle of writing a book (now: Cleans up Nicely ) and I am never more disssatisfied (like watching a great dream dissolving). A whole new cast of characters from the mid-70's, but impossible to include them all, plus the material is at times in danger [...]

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